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You Know You Need Help

Adedayo Adeyanju
2 min readJun 4, 2022


Community Saves Lives

— From Dayo, as she experiences and learns. Welcome to The Mind Palace!

I attended Salem King’s TEDx talk titled ‘Community Saves Lives’ and boy!

The highlight of the talk is that to have that sense of belonging, to find the validation in our work we need as humans, to just live and thrive in who we are so we don’t we feel like it’s us against the world, we need to find our tribe. Our community.

People who share similar interests with us.

People we can share stuff with without having to explain why we’re interested in what we are.

People we can learn from and be inspired by.

People we can help and can help us.

As soundly explained, in communities, circles of similar interest, our creativity finds better expression.

Deep it: if you’re surrounded by people do what you do, you’re continuously stimulated and brain juices always flow, your time is filled with less misery.

Find people with similar interests, dawg.

You like art? Find people who like art.

You code? Find people who code.

You eat ketchup with everything, find people who do.

You’re not weird. You just haven’t found people who vibe with you. You just haven’t found people who are into your stuff like you.

Community saves lives. Find your tribe and do your work/life best.

Just don’t forget that to find your community, you have to go out, talk and meet more people.

Stay weird,


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