Making Money, Hot Tears & A Tweet

It’s just final year Chemical Engineering biz but boy!

It’s the pre-exam week before my penultimate exams, and it has been a lot. How did it go?

I made money. It felt powerful.

Turns out I’m good at designing slides. I thought ‘haha Dayo, you can design for guys too, maybe even ask for payment for it, snort snort.’ But that’s where it ended: a thought. I mean told some guys but that was it. I wanted it but I didn’t act on it.

Then bless me, come Tuesday morning, someone comes to meet me, and goes ‘Dayo, please can you make mine? I don’t have the time.’ Looool, I gat you boy but there’s a price tag, and he goes ‘anything, I’ll pay.’ Sure, sir! And I started. And trust your girl, she announced.

But it was pretty late so few customers. Anyway, I wanted to gain customers not chase them, so I had a capped fee of #1,500. Now that I have done this service, I know that I will price my time that cheap. NEVER.

Why is it that deep? You see, before I design, I read, extract, envision and draft. It takes time and mental energy. Maybe I’ll read a book that’ll advise me on how to gain customers and still give an accurate value for my service.

What did I learn?

I’d never sold, I always bought. It really was the first time making money on my own, and it felt good. Good because I was making money simply because I knew how to do something well, and because I was offering a service as a solution to people’s problems (cue EDS eyeroll but I’m being honest).

On a different note, making money legitimately feels way better than spending it. Now, I’m more definite on wanting to solve problems and get paid for it. If you’re wondering, I made 6,000. Crazy how I initially didn’t want to state the amount because it suddenly felt little on the internet, but that’s bong, I’m proud of myself. It’s a start.

Counter check

It didn’t ‘turn out. I had to design top tier presentation slides every two weeks during my internship. The process was not conventional: I went to the plant, listened to an instructor who painstakingly explained every stream, every line and most processes (my instructor is blessed, say amen!), and then, somehow condensed all that information heavily ladened with technical jargon into concise, beautiful slides using layman language.

My boss could not ‘live in 2017’ (lmao) so I had to make sure it looked good and felt good. My luck (I actually don’t really believe in luck), I like fine things and I like surpassing expectations so it was not a hassle. Enough backstory, but by the end of my internship, I was ‘living in 2024’. Clap for me guys :)

I shed tears, hot tears, over school

I don’t cry over school- lmao, bong now. Let me start again:

Once upon a time, I didn’t cry over school because I believed and walked in the belief that it was not something to get me so down I cry. To me, crying is was similar to getting to the very last drop of fuel in a car (that should be difficult).

I’d sympathized and encouraged those who had but no matter how genuine your sympathy is, you will never know the real pain. I cried not because it was a bad score (well, it was a bad score) but because I’d done everything to get it right. Everything. And I got it right. Huh?

You see, I did get both questions right but she didn’t mark a whole question because it was clumsy (I agree; lesson = always collect extra paper), and well, as I later found, I used a different approach. But approach or not, I got the answer, and it was not wuru wuru.

Still, why did I cry? Because at that moment, it felt like I was always missing the mark when I knew the shit! I got frustrated because I’m trying to accomplish a goal but not seeing results hurts. It just hurts. If you don’t get it, forget about it. Lol, I’m kidding but man, you just can never know a pain until you feel it. Hopefully, you don’t.

Anyways, that’s not the end of my story. The lecturer later had mercy on me and marked it for me. I ended up moving from a 7 out of 15 to a 13 out of 15, somebody say hallelujah!


Persistence pays and prayer works.

I disturbed her, goodness me. I only did so because while begging, there were two things in my head:

the verse that says if evil people can give good gifts to their children, why will God withhold them from His children? (For clarity, He doesn’t. Really.)

the violent taketh it by force (y’all, this was on repeat, don’t ask me why 😂).

The second lesson: Approach fire, I’m doing what I see in my note.

Oh yeah, collect the damn extra paper!

The Tweet

a tweet describing my catharsis

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

I had a good time writing this ha!

To end, here’s a picture of me feeling fly after my mini defence

a girl smiling with sunglasses on her head
soft stuff

Until next time,




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