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The End of History Illusion

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The End of History Illusion

To think you have arrived at a conclusive definition of yourself — who you are, what you stand for, and most severe of all, your opinions on issues and topics — is a lie your brain wants you to believe so badly.

We hold an opinion today and then fast forward: we’re doing the very thing we said we would never do. ‘Could never be me’ in the mud. But why though?

Deep this:

People have a fundamental misconception about their future selves. Time is a powerful force that transforms people’s preferences, reshapes their values, and alters their personalities, and … people generally underestimate the magnitude of those changes. In other words, people may believe that who they are today is pretty much who they will be tomorrow, despite the fact that it isn’t who they were yesterday.

Source: The End of History Illusion

This isn’t even far-fetched. I used to call myself an anime hatred evangelist because I advocated for more people to hate anime. (Very explanatory.) But now? I still hate it. Lmao but with less intensity that at this point, I’m only trying to stick to an old label.

The point is that change is constant, and we should expect no less of ourselves. How can we even hold such rigid stances on people and situations when there are such things as time or growth? People change, including us. For good or for bad. And that’s normal. At no point in life does one come to a final encompassing view on anything or anyone.

To have a rigid opinion on anything is often a product of limited knowledge, limited experiences, or just plain ignorance. Emphasis on often. As much as this is an exhortation to realize that we are not necessarily who we were yesterday, it’s just as important to extend that grace to other people. Cancel culture is just disgusting.

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