In A Sea of Sparks and Hunger

In the name of being consistent and showing up to write whether I’m most busy or not, I will write. So here goes…

My lecturer is going off about how to sell a business or make money, but I’ve listened to the exact steps a thousand times now, and so, I zone out.

My mind is elsewhere. My mind is focused on this sensation I’m feeling.

It’s painful yet fascinating. I’m hungry and my stomach feels like it’s biting me— that’s the pain, it feels like many tiny bites.

It’s a sensation really: the bites are sparks, many tiny sparks that somehow (manage to) drain my strength little by little as they go off.

Lol, maybe they are little beings that seep energy from me and then transform into light and movement, like twinkles, or better still sparks. That will explain why I feel bites, hungry and weak. The hunger is draining me!

Even my eyes are weak, begging to close. I don’t know a fancy and silly explanation to come up with for that.

I remember when I fainted out of hunger.

It felt like a thousand sparks before the lights went out.

More accurately, it felt like every single nerve finally lit up,

and my insides bathed in blinding light, as bright as a dark sky with a million stars, then it shut down.

Like going down with a bang!

And then I collapsed.

my insides shutting down

A thousand lights and sweet darkness.


A hungry Dayo

This is a true story.




I live, I learn, then I write. Welcome to my mind palace! Also on Substack:

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Adedayo Adeyanju

Adedayo Adeyanju

I live, I learn, then I write. Welcome to my mind palace! Also on Substack:

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