Does Daydreaming Help?

Listening to Ayefele is a recipe to get lost in your head or dance — it’s true.

A few days ago, I worked on my research project while listening to Yinka Ayefele (of course!). As I worked on, and as the music was filtering through all corners of my brain, I started daydreaming about my convocation day.

Obviously, the music has a lot to play in this but that’s not the point. I am excited for that day, the culmination of five years of work. And I can’t wait to dance and belt out all relevant Ayefele lyrics, seriously (don’t worry, I got work done that day :D).

Then, that same day, I stumbled on a YouTube video — The book I wish I’d had earlier by TEMSfluence — where she mentioned that she used to daydream about her graduation as a way to motivate herself as a result of her heavy workload and that it didn’t work. The stress was real and daydreaming about that didn’t ease the pressure.

Hmm, it didn’t? So, I went back and reflected, does my daydreaming ease my workload or mental health? Now, I have my answer.

Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

I would not say that daydreaming helps me relieve anything. Instead, it helps me enjoy the process. It does not help me destress per say because it does not reduce the work I have to do but it helps me do the work not grudgingly. So it’s good for me so I can remain sane :)

Ask yourself the same,

Is what you’re doing helping you?

Is your daydreaming helping you and do you need to drop it?

Until next time,




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