An Unexpected New Year Entry and Gratitude

Four hours before the new year, I was rushed to the hospital due to dysmenorrhea. It’s menstrual pain, just on an excruciating level accompanied with throwing up.

I was so weak, I needed to hold someone to walk in a straight line. I was not admitted but received three injections.

Now, I’m an African Christian and as per tradition, we go to church on new year’s eve to pray into the new year. But I was weak, and feared I would have had to stay home (because, to do what?) and not join the church.

A part of me wanted to stay in and sleep really and another part wanted to go to church and just be in that right atmosphere believing I would get better and somehow find the strength to pray and rejoice for some time. Another part of me just wanted to sleep, sleep away the pain :).

But thank God, I ended up going. And then slept in the car for an hour :D When it was 11 pm, I was awoken and I felt better yay! I could walk on my own, albeit slowly. I ended reaching home and sending the first set of greetings by 1 am.

It’s 11:36 am on New Year’s Day and I’m glad I chose to go. I’m not feeling ‘why me, on the last day of the year!’ or regretting not going for the service. Something I’ve taken away from this is:

do that thing no matter how inconvenient, so you can look back and be satisfied with your choice.

Happy new year darlings, I hope your year started good (mine did), and no matter what, you stay positive.

Photo by Andrew Coop on Unsplash

To good choices and a prosperous year 🥂,




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